Here at ACTA we provide refresher training weekly. Australian Construction Training Alliance was set up with the objective of enabling workers in Australia the skill sets to safely work in high risk environments. We offer face to face nationally recognised training courses which are compliant with national legislation. Our refresher courses will enable you to Update your previous competencies for enter and work in confined spaces, working safely at heights and gas test atmospheres. Trainees receive nationally recognised statements of attainment certificates on successful completion of the training.

Option - 1

Non accredited training. Just complete the online training componant
( will not receive new certificate from Government )
Will receive from us through

Option - 2

Complete the online course and attend for 1 hour practical
You will receive new certificate from government

Option - 3

Complete the online training and send us (upload) proof of currency
A scanned copy of SWMS, A permit and a signed letter from employer
(Template will be available)