All face to face contacts are currently closed. Stay home and stay safe. Please contact via email or the contact form. Refresher training still available 100% contactless.

ACTA – The Future Delivery of Training & COVID-19 = Distance learning online Training.

Firstly and Most Importantly, we hope that you & your loved ones are Safe and in Good Health during this time of global sadness and great uncertainty.

At ACTA, the safety of all in our community (especially our vulnerable members) is paramount and as such we have conscientiously worked, since COVID-19 outbreak, to maintain the highest level of infection control and social distancing in the classroom and training ground. Although, we had reduced our class numbers to only 6 students, we feel that we must now move to an alternative delivery method for training in order to meet the safety measures we feel the current climate/situation requires.

Please be advised that this distance Learning online delivery method is only suitable for students who have been actively working in the Construction, NBN, Oil and Gas and resource and Infrastructure Industries for a minimum of 3 years. If you are an apprentice or new to the work force please call the office to discuss your training options.

STEP by STEP – Distance Learning Online Training Method

Theory Training & Assessment – Online Delivery

The Theory Training and Assessment will be delivered to students via a LMS (Learning Management System). This enables the student to work through their Learner Guide and Final Theory Test at their own pace in the safety of their own home. A trainer will be available at designated times through the day to assist students over the phone with any queries or questions.
The student will also have the opportunity to discuss their Theory during their Practical T&A appointment, where any further training can be provided if deemed necessary.

All Theory work must be completed by 6pm the day before attending your scheduled Practical Training.

Step 1 – Enrolment Form
Your enrolment form will be sent to you via email to complete to finalise your registration and booking. Your training can not commence until this is received.

Step 2 – LMS receipt
2 emails will be sent to you from our LMS (they will appear from the sender “[email protected]”)

Step 3 – Log In to Paperless Training
Using the details provided in the first Coassemble email, Log In to your account.

Step 4 – Learner Guide Completion
This is Labelled as your “……Training”.
Take your time to carefully read through and complete your online workbook. Take notes as you feel necessary. The theory includes review quizzes to complete at the end of each section. These are not part of your Final Theory Test, they are to assist you with your learning.

Step 5 – Theory Assessment
Take your time to read all questions slowly and answer to the best of your ability with care.

If you have any incorrect answers please do not retry. Our trainer will go over them with you during your face to face session. You may receive the below message from Coassemble, please disregard.

……….. – Final Theory Test
Sorry, you have not passed the quiz.
……….. scored …..%

Trainer Availability
Sean will be available to assist you with your Theory from 3pm to 6 pm daily.
Please text him first advising of your name and course. He will call you back as soon as he is able to .

Practical Training & Assessment – Individual Face to Face with Trainer
The Practical Training & Assessment will be delivered by the trainer to the student at individual appointed times at our headquarters. Our training ground is outdoors and appropriate social distancing will be maintained at all times.

Our premises and all safety gear are maintained to the highest level of cleanliness. Hand sanitiser will be used frequently during any face to face meetings with our students and clients.

Step 1
You will be designated an appointment on the day of your booked training. Please arrive 5 minutes early and we request you wait in or near your car. Our trainer will come and get you at your scheduled time.

Step 2
Any further theory training, if required, will be discussed & completed

Step 3
Practical Training and Assessment will be conducted outside in our training ground.

Step 4
Upon success full completion a photo will be taken and your proof of training card will be issued.

Please do not hesitate to call us on 0415 789 820 if you require any assistance or clarification.

All the Best