Gas Test and Issue Permits (Face to Face Delivery)


Gas Test Atmospheres & Issue Work Permits – 1-day training

This gas test atmospheres and issue work permits training is specifically designed to help workers conduct atmospheric testing to identify hazardous atmospheres within the workplace and issue appropriate permits to work to persons conducting a variety of activities which hazards exist.

MSMWHS217 Gas Test Atmospheres training is mandatory for personnel employed within the NBN, Oil & Gas industries, Tunnel Projects and those employed by the major water companies. It is recommended that personnel working within these industries listed above to be able to test the atmosphere prior to entering and to continuously monitor the atmosphere as part of the permit to work. This is especially the case if there is a potential for the atmosphere to change as part of the work being done in the environment or by the by products of any manufacturing process.

For further information or to book over the phone call us on the number below. Gas test atmospheres refresher course is available everyday.

Units of Competency

MSMWHS217 – Gas Test Atmospheres
MSMPER300 – Issue Work Permits

Confined Space Training Victoria Course Fees

$250 MSMWHS217 Gas Test Atmospheres & MSMPER300 Issue Work Permits

Gas Test Atmospheres and Issue Work Permits Victoria Course Information

Course duration: 1-Day (8 hours)

This nationally accredited gas test atmospheres course provides students the skills and knowledge required to test the working area’s atmosphere using electronic testing apparatus, to find out if it is safe for the proposed work. It applies to situations where an individual may be required to carry out gas testing of the atmosphere prior to entering a specific area or workspace. It also satisfies the requirements of the Victorian, Commonwealth and other state regulations.

This course also applies to any individual working alone or as part of a team or group and working in liaison with other shift team members and the control room operator.

Upon Completion of This Course Students Will Learn To:

  • Preparing for gas testing.
  • Find out the gas/atmosphere to be tested.
  • Identify assess the conditions/area to be tested.
  • Identify gas testing regime and sampling pattern.
  • Identify hazard controls.
  • Select testing equipment.
  • Calibrate testing equipment.
  • Select personal protective equipment.
  • Testing for gas
  • Apply hazard controls.
  • Use personal protective equipment.
  • Use gas-testing equipment.
  • Identify need for work permit.
  • Ensure job site is prepared for authorised work.
  • Raise and issue work permits.
  • Monitor work for compliance.
  • Receive end of day report.
  • Close work permit.


On successful completion of the course persons will be issued with a Certificate/Statement of Attainment and ticket proof of training card for the relevant units of competencies. Courses delivered in Partnership with The Scaffold Tool and Training Company RTO 22226.

This course is a Nationally Accredited Course. It is recommended by Industry that persons must update their competency and complete refresher training though currently no legislation provides details of frequency for refresher training. However, major water companies require refresher training annually, NBN, Oil and Gas Industries recommend every 2 years.

At ACTA we do not place expiries on certain tickets so check with your organisation for refresher training frequency.

Prerequisites & Course Requirements

– Photo ID must be presented i.e. current driver’s license or passport.
– Basic English language and literacy skills.

Training Location

17 Northern Ave, Moorabbin Airport, 3194, VIC.

Is There Parking Available?

Yes. We have free parking spaces available at the door with more free parking available within 30m of our location.

Do You Deliver Onsite Training?

Yes, ACTA can deliver gas test atmospheres and issue work permits onsite. This requires your facility to meet certain requirements for delivery including – Do you have a room whereupon the theory content can be delivered and does your facility have the required resources to deliver the practical component for gas test atmospheres and issue work permits training.

When Are The Tickets Issued?

Tickets are issued on the day right after the successful completion of training.

What Do I Need To Bring On The Day?

Just your USI number. If you currently do not have a USI number then no sweat as we can help with this on the day of your training.

ACTA provides computers for all theory content as well as tea, coffee, biscuits and we have a full kitchen if you decide to bring your own food. We also have many cafes and eateries at our doorstep.