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At the Australian Construction Training Alliance ACTA we understand that with the construction industry growing steadily in Australia employment within this sector is correspondingly on the rise. As a result, the industry is now under increased scrutiny. If your workers are employed in confined spaces like sewers, shafts, pits, tunnel projects or required to work safely at heights in construction or similar conditions, the OHS Regulations state that they undergo safety compliance training. Therefore confined space training Gas test atmospheres and work safely at heights training are mandatory for all who work in these environments. At ACTA we offer Nationally Recognised Safety Courses in Moorabbin Airport, Victoria.

ACTA – The Future Delivery of Training & COVID-19 = Distance learning online Training.

Firstly and Most Importantly, we hope that you & your loved ones are Safe and in Good Health during this time of global sadness and great uncertainty. 

At ACTA, the safety of all in our community (especially our vulnerable members) is paramount and as such we have conscientiously worked, since COVID-19 outbreak, to maintain the highest level of infection control and social distancing in the classroom and training ground. Although, we had reduced our class numbers to only 6 students, we feel that we must now move to an alternative delivery method for training in order to meet the safety measures we feel the current climate/situation requires.

Please be advised that this distance Learning online delivery method is only suitable for students who have been actively working in the Construction, NBN, Oil and Gas and Resource and Infrastructure Industries for a minimum of 3 years. If you are an apprentice or new to the work force please call the office to discuss your training options.
The Australian Construction Training Alliance deliver Nationally Recognised training using modern techniques and technology. We deliver paperless training using touchscreen computers via our in-house Learner Management System (LMS).
With our class sizes now set at a maximum of 6 per class our students receive a more relaxed and personnel training experience. Courses delivered in Partnership with Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909

Confined Space Training

Confined Space Training Course Melbourne. This Nationally recognised course provides practical training on Australian Standard AS2865-2009. This Standard sets out the particular requirements and risk control measures for the safety of persons entering or conducting tasks associated with confined spaces, and has been designed to meet the national competency standards for confined space entry. It also satisfies the training requirements of the Victorian, Commonwealth and other state regulations. Confined space training refreshers also available weekly.

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Working Safety at Height Training

Working at Heights Course Melbourne is specifically designed for all employees who are required to work safely at heights. Anyone required to work safely at heights whereupon they are exposed to the risk of falling from one level to the next must undertake this work at heights course. It includes: identifying the work requirements, work procedures and instructions for the task; accessing and installing equipment; performing working safely at heights; and cleaning up the work area. Working Safely at Heights Refresher course are available by appointment. Complete the theory online and attend our site for practical assessment. Know more

Gas Test Atmospheres

This gas test atmospheres half day course is specifically designed to help workers conduct atmospheric testing to identify and report on hazardous atmospheres within the workplace. MSMWHS217 Gas Test Atmospheres training is mandatory for personnel employed within the NBN, Oil and Gas industries, Tunnel Projects and those employed by the major water companies. It is recommended that personnel working within these industries listed above to be able to test the atmosphere prior to entering and to continuously monitor the atmosphere as part of the permit to work. This is especially the case if there is a potential for the atmosphere to change as part of the work being done in the environment or by the by products of any manufacturing process Know more